Thursday, December 5, 2013

Artist Of The Month

My current body of works in oil are based on naturescapes which draw their inspirations from my essential roots to the Indian culture and nature. My connection with nature is very deep and goes a long a way back to my childhood. In my paintings I mingle literary inspiration with those vital experiences of my life. The distinct play of colors and textures of different seasons, blooming of different flowers and sprouting leaves, interplay of light and shade in the sky in different time of the year - all have a role to play in my vision. Also I draw lot of inspiration from the noble prize winning Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore’s songs and poetry on nature.

The whole process of creation can be summed up in four stages:

1. Preparation (which is here synonymous to experience and observation)

2. Marination of thought and idea

3. The AHA moment – the defining moment when I suddenly get a real vision or clarity which I can use to change the blank canvas

4. The creative process – the “job” of painting itself.

I never draw or plan before a painting has started, it starts spontaneously once the vision has dawned, and I keep working on it, applying and re-applying colors, writing and pasting, stripping and scratching and whipping the surface until I get the desired effect.

And once the job is finished, I like to leave it to people’s imagination and feelings: to the “right brain”, rather than to their “left hemispheric stuff” like knowledge and understanding.

Best wishes
Aditi Chakraborty
December 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Increase the Beauty of Your Home in Purchase Indian Painting Online

From the ancient age of India, lots of emperors and their queens were practicing the arts and painted various types of paintings. The great Mughal emperor Shahjahan was a great painter and he made the one of the greatest things in the world i.e. “Tajmahal” which is the great experiment of art. There are lots of paintings in the cave of the “Ajanta”. Do you want to see the amazing creation by Indian people? Just go to the “Khajuraho” temple where you watch the different adult art. It is called sculpture. From the ancient India to the modern India, lots of painters created their great paintings. But the colours, the styles of painting are different from each other.

If someone is really interested in purchasing various creations of the modern painters, they must be logged on where they find lots of modern paintings. In this way, anyone can purchase the Indian painting online. Here are some benefits to purchase from online. Those who are interested in buying, they observe lots of paintings from staying their home. The second thing is, from home they know the price, name of the painter and also the name of the paintings. They are not going to other places. Now, in the modern era, online based selling is increasing. As the Indian paintings are online now, then definitely, the sale will increase.
Indian Painting Online
 Actually, all credit goes to the Indian art collectors. They are searching the good paintings and the good painters also. They know that there are lots of painters who want to sale their own paints. So, the collectors are just fulfilling the wish of the painters. The art collectors of India are also knowledgeable. They easily judge about a particular painting. Lots of students pass from the various art Colleges in India in every year. A few artists are staying in the future. Some of them are not taking the risk following which the journey of those artists is ending within a short period of time. Actually, those who have passion in this field, they come forward at the end.
Indian Contemporary Artists

There are so many painters who are already famous in world wide. The names of those painters are Ravi Verma, MF Hussein, V.S.Gaitonde, S.H. Raza, Subodh Gupta, Jogen Choudhury, Atul Dodiya and Sudhanshu Sutar. They are all famous in their work. If you want to purchase their work, then you must visit They are called as contemporary artists. They are doing a great research work in the field of paint. They never leave up their hope. After a long fight, they make their place in Indian painting. If somebody thinks that the modern art is easy to paint, they are wrong their concept. But the modern art is the most popular painting at this present time. It has quite similar to the art of the Mughal’s period. In fact, it is also quite similar to the art of Rajasthani paintings. The modern arts are based on a particular topic. If you are really searching the actual modern paintings, then definitely visit
Indian Art Collectors

If you want to purchase the beautiful Indian paintings, you must visit the site where you find the lots of paintings of Indian contemporary artists means those who paint the modern art. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Indian Contemporary Art – A Blend of Traditional Yet Modern Art Form

Contemporary Indian art is not only appealing to the eyes but is a good example of intermingled modern and traditional art forms in a piece of canvas. The growing popularity of Indian contemporary art, tells a true story of Indian civilization and glory.

The demand for modern Indian art is growing worldwide. Indian modern form art is a whimsical combination of creativity and experimentation. The love of a painter for his art can be well defined with his art form that has the ability to speak a deep story behind the pictorial analogy. The ability of a painter to personify his picture is what makes his art different from all the other art forms of the world. Alluring art works have always been a matter of appreciation for people throughout the world. The most interesting thing about the contemporary art is that people love it and its market has always been  the same even when all the other business forms have been suffering in extremities. People who are crazy about art and art culture always encourage the art market throughout the globe.

History foretells the tough story of modern art. Modern art which was not a respectable embodiment of dexterity in those conservative pre-war times became an upright form of art in post-war days. The transformation of the human mind towards modern art is commendable and became a mark of dignity for most of the contemporary artists throughout the world. With the advent of the Internet, the growth of Indian contemporary art has been exemplary and the modern art lovers can buy Indian art online these days. Just visit any of the Indian art galleries, you will get mesmerized with those awesome pieces of traditional and modern art. Art is an expressive way of painters to tell the story of glory, love, tragedy and horror and the emotional mingle of colours on a canvas is an endowment of voluptuous talent.  And people all around the world appreciate Indian art and visit India to be a part of the painting exhibitions and actually buy those wonderful art pieces. It is no wonder, if you see people from other countries, buying Indian art works and using them as an important art piece of their homes.

There are many sites, in which people can buy Indian art online and most of the foreigners as well as Indian art collectors actually buy Indian painting every year over the internet. Just visit any of these Indian art galleries which is a showcase of talent for many budding artists and has the capability to attract many art lovers. Every year many students pass out from various art colleges to refine their artistic skills and has become a means of livelihood for most of the middle class artists in India. The 21st century has been an aurora of revolution for most of the Indian artists and all of them have been offered with a wonderful opportunity to promote their extraordinary talent among the common people.

Established Indian contemporary artists in India are a source of inspiration to all the new artists to do better in their field and reach newer heights of glory to prove their skills through their extraordinary art works. is an wonderful marketplace for all the top Indian artists and The uniqueness of Indian contemporary art have made it famous among the foreigners also top Indian art collectors. Every year many buyers and artists get to know each other through this website and offers an opportunity for many new artists to be in the limelight. It offers the equal opportunities to all the artists and this wonderful institution is growing for a better reason.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Artist Of The Month

Since my child hood I was trying to express my dream with colours on paper. I had not faced any bindings from my parents. They have always inspired me to grow up with my dreams, so at first I want to thank my parents because without their support I could not walk smoothly to my journey of an artist.                                                                                    I completed my graduation from Government College of Art & Craft (Kolkata) on 2003. After completion of my Bachelor Degree on visual arts I decided to work as full time artist though it was not so easier for me. Sometimes I need to work as commission based for carrying out of my daily expenses. At that time I faced so many travails but they did not destroy my ambition.                                                                                                                
Since 1998 to 2013 I participated in several group shows in India like Kolkata, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai (Harmony art foundation), Chennai (Art world), Bangalore, Nagpur, and also in abroad like Bangladesh (Dhaka), Dubai.   I also conduct solo show at TAJ BENGAL HOTEL Kolkata. I participated in some painting workshops.                                                                                                                                                      
Private collections are made, like in HOTEL ITC SONARBANGLA Kolkata, HOTEL OBEROI GURGAON, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangladesh, Dubai, U.S.A etc. Now I working as a full time painter in my own studio.  
Every human has feelings and a sensitive human always feel every moments of nature, some cause of globalization our global atmosphere have now so many changed which is so worried for our life of earth. Every human being should think about it. I always love nature, believes that colour is a universal language of expression and nature have endless colour.                                                                                                                                                                                      
Though I don’t use colour to illustrate theme. Colour itself is my theme. Colour has existence of its own, it generates emotion and atmosphere whether happiness, melancholy warmth, buoyancy of serenity. Emotion of joy, sorrow, anger have a language in colour and nature encompasses all, that is colour. Nature herself is a composition of countless colours and it is the tones and nuances of these that I try to capture in my paintings after all I inspired by nature.            

Best wishes
Shuvankar Maitra
November 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013

Artist of The Month

  I graduated in painting from Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts (CAVA), University of Mysore, Karnataka in 2007 and (MFA) will be completing Masters in painting this year. Initially from my school days I had interest in painting. In those days I was just expressing myself through painting. That time I had no idea about life of painting and the effect of it, but after my schooling,  I came to know about BFA degree, and I joined the course to get some degree. These 5 years of journey was the turning point of my life where I started thinking about developing my skills and started utilizing the time and work. I met different kind of people with different goals in life, which helped me to distinguish myself and due to nice environment I could able to establish myself. I went on practicing different things in paintings. My friends circles is like a rainbow with full of different colors, each have its own meaning, effect and its own destiny in life, due to all this I could able to take up and reach this first step of my life. 

Currently l have my own art practices in Bangalore, Karnataka, India and have been exhibiting my work of art at various cities in India.
I greatly get inspired by the common man’s eco system and you get to see them in my art work. In other words, experiences of People around me inspire me. My creations comprises of Nature, Common Man - his needs, complex and symbiotic equations. I visualize them with a different perspective and bringing them on my canvas gives me great joy. Through my paintings I try to connect and relive some experiences that we all have lived in different phases of life. A glimpse of my inspirations can be seen in my work from highlighting the spirit of survival of a vegetable vendor dreaming to give a better life to his family, to a picturesque depiction of day to life in an apartment where in there is so much variety in something which looks so similar, to capturing  the feeling of eternal search that lingers on whenever we visit a roadside book shop and finally a more serious effort to depict a current socio economic issue of corruption, and its impact on common man.
I have learnt if we have patience and dedication we can achieve anything in life. This is all my because of my friends, parents and my surroundings.
Best college art gives me immense pleasure to be associated with BCA which offers a gigantic platform for artists from various horizons. I feel greatly encouraged to seize every opportunity at BCA in exhibiting my works and getting to know other artists from various genres. I look forward to a long lasting association with BCA. 
 I really thank my friends, colleagues and especially my parents without their support nothing was possible.

Best wishes
Shivanand Shyagoti
October 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Artist Of The Month

Mukesh Salvi work statement Spending his early days in the streets of the beautiful city of Udaipur (Rajasthan), Mukesh Salvi has grown up wandering aimlessly on the bicycle and wondering deep about life and its little ways. He has spent hours in the playgrounds, playing games and often got lost in his own world of fantasy. However, the best time that he has spent was at home, with his family; quarrels with his siblings. He clearly remembers his days at school— classmates.

Mukesh salvi paintings are nostalgic, depicting the rural people he grew up among est. His source of inspiration has been the live of the people from his village. He has created dramatic canvases –Blue, black and white on a red background. His work, done in a fine figurative genre, stands out for its firm line work coupled with a sense of style, on a bold arresting background. His works is a telling statement of our times, typifying the modern concern for our surroundings. The artist's medium of expression is acrylic on canvas. His figurative work has a dream like quality about it. Bold colors coupled with pastel shades give it a textural feel. He strives to establish the harmony between people and their environment of Nature.

 Drawing inspiration from the feeling of nostalgia, Mukesh Salvi has created his new series of canvases— 'My Feelings'. The series depict elementary feelings of human beings, which is a mixed bag of both happy and sad. Mukesh Salvi's choice of palette is something worth looking our for. In most of his works, bold strokes of vivid colors are evident. Patterns in a hazy background with humans resembling puppets, make an appearance in Mukesh Salvi's works. His artworks bring forth deep feelings, which are depicted using surreal figures in various postures. From the very beginning, lines have been the foundation of his paintings. Working with lines and other shapes, Mukesh Salvi has painted different moments. While painting, the artist makes sure that all the elements compliment each other and their amalgamation bring a pleasant essence to his works.

Best wishes 
Mukesh Salvi
September 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

Artist Of The Month

Uma Bardhan completed her Bachelor of Arts , from University of Calcutta followed by diploma in fine arts from Birla Academy of Art andCulture, West Bengal under the tutelage of eminent artists including Late SreeMakhanDutta Gupta in oil color and SreeManiklal Banerjee.
She specializes in figurative paintings / landscapes in water color on silk, Oil on canvas & recently Water soluble oil paintings on canvas.

In her own words, “God is the Supreme Creator of thie Universe and I as an artist take extreme pleasure in reflecting his creation in their actual form.”

Among her several awards, First prize in Water Color from Govt. of West Bengal deserves special mention.

She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in prominent galleries in different parts of India.

Her major solo shows includes shows in AIFACS ,Tagore Art Gallery , Academy of Fine Arts , Eye on Art etc.

Participated in various important group shows held across the country including the ones in Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai, India Habitat Center, Lalit Kala, Sridharani Art Gallery in Delhi , Gallery Chemould in Kolkata, Epicenter in Gurgaon ,ChitrakalaParishad in Bangalore among few.

Her works are included in many discriminating private art collections throughout India and abroad.
To promote arts and work closely with the youth she founded Kalangan – a school of arts at Kolkata.

Best Wishes
Uma Bardhan
July 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Artist Of The Month

Manoj Kachangal born in Shadhora, Madhya Pradesh, India on July 5, 1979. He did MFA in painting from Institute of Fine Arts, Indore in 2003.In 2001 Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad, Bhopal honoured him with Raza award.

His art works were auctioned at Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai – 2006 and Millennium Turks at Hotel Trident Hilton, Gurgaon – 2008.

There are over 20 major solo shows including Sublime Lands curated by Johny ML, Visual Arts Gallery, New Delhi – 2012, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai – 2009, Apparo Art Gallery, Chennai – 2009, The Doors of Perception curated by Vinod Bhardwaj, Visual Arts Gallery, New Delhi – 2008, In Search of the Abyss curated by Bhavana Kakar, Mon Art Gallerie, Kolkata – 2008, Dharati – Amber curated by Moit Jain, Dhoomimal Art Center, New Delhi –2007, Antaryatra, Nehru Center Art Gallery, Mumbai – 2007, A Consecration of Space, Marvel Art Gallery, Ahmedabad – 2006.

Participated in various important group shows held across the country including the ones in Tao Art Gallery, Cima Art Gallery, Emami Chisel Art, Crimson the Art Resource, Jammat Art Gallery, Gallerie Nvya, Art Konsult, Religare Arts Initiative and in some group shows outside the country.

Kachangal also has participated in many significant art camps.A book on the art of Kachangal “Doors of Perception, art of Manoj Kachangal” edited by Ratnottama Sengupta was published by Bharatiya Jnanpith, New Delhi, in 2008. Also a documentary film on Kachangal “Doors of Perception, art of Manoj Kachangal” was produced by Kalaroop Films (2008), which was directed by Pravesh Bhardwaj.

The artist’s works are in the collection of Raza Foundation, Sunil Mittal of Airtel, Birla Academy of Art and Culture Kolkata, AIFACS New Delhi, Kala Parishad Bhopal, NCZCC Allahabad, Gifa Indore, ITM Gwalior; Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi; Antonio Helio Waszyk, CMD, Nestle India Limited; Gary Bennet, CEO, Max New York Life & India Glycols Limited. His works are also in various private collections in Nepal, Germany, France, USA and UAE.

Best Wishes
Manoj Kachangal

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Solo Show 'Spirit in Culture' by 'Juhikadevi Bhanjdeo'  brings to you the coverage of the very well-viewed and highly appreciated show 'Spirit in Culture' presented by Glenfiddich & 

The show was the first solo-exhibition by Juhikadevi Bhanjdeo, the winner of the the first 'Emerging Artist of the Year 2012 Award' held at Nature Morte, The Oberoi, Gurgaon on 5th April 2013.

 Juhika was the one lucky and very talented artist, who was awarded with a prize money of Rs 10 lacs last year and was sent on a 3 months residency to Scotland where she practiced her arts in a more elaborate way. All the works of Juhikadevi, which she accomplished in Scotland, as a part of her residency were displayed there.

Scroll through some of her works and the media coverage of the show. Cheers!
Juhikadevi with her artwork
Peter Nagy at the show
Mr Kapil Chopra at the show

Juhikadevi with her artwork

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Media and Press Release


Media and Press Release

An arty affair

(From left)The jury Kapil Chopra, Andy Fairgrieve, Swapan Seth, NitinBhayana, Peter Nagy, Rajiv Bhatia, JitenThukral, SumirTagra and Veer Munshi

What might world-class whisky and art have in common? Well, though making good whisky can be scientifically explained, it remains in the realm of art that's executed by skilled craftsmen. "So the qualities required for making good art and good whisky are not dissimilar!" said the kilt-clad Andy Fairgrieve of Glenfiddich, who was in India for a purpose.

Glenfiddich (the single malt Scotch whisky) has collaborated, an online Indian art gallery, to hunt down promising new Indian artists for its prestigious Artists in Residence Programme (AiR). The award called 'Emerging Artist of the Year' is in its second edition this year. AiR culls eight artists from across the globe each year, who are invited to Scotland for a three-month residency.

For this year's award, a top-notch nine-member jury including leading artists and collectors, besides Andy Fairgrieve, co-ordinator of the programme, picked 625 artists who feature in

From among them, the best five were shortlisted as finalists and feted at an evening dedicated to them. Sharing the stage were fresh new names — Chennai's Yuvan Bothisathuvar, Shivanand Shyagoti from Bangalore, Calcutta's Sumantra Mukherjee, Delhi-based visual artist Ankush Safaya and Gurgaon-based Poorvesh Patel. The event, dubbed as 'Five For The Future', was held at art gallery Nature Morte at The Oberoi, Gurgaon, where their works were displayed.

Kapil Chopra, president, The Oberoi Group with winner YuvanBothisathuvar

A bashful Bothisathuvar was declared the 'Emerging Artist of the Year' for his amazing work in paper/newsprint. Bothisathuvar has just earned himself an award which carries a total value of Rs 10 lakh including one lakh in cash, a residency in Scotland courtesy Glenfiddich, a monthly stipend, material allowances, travel, accommodation and – to top it all – a solo show at Nature Morte in 2014. Soon, Bothisathuvar will set off for Dufftown, home to the Glenfiddich distillery, and take inspiration from his surroundings and create his artwork.

Kapil Chopra, mentor, bestcollegeart.comand president, The Oberoi Group, said: "The award seeks out the next generation of artists and also nurtures and supports emerging talent." Chopra's, by the way, is a veritable hotbed where young Indian contemporary artists reach out to collectors. Artworks are priced between Rs 60,000 and Rs 2.7 lakh.

The task of short-listing the five best artists from among the 625 (and a total of some 2,500 artworks) fell on a hotshot jury that spent months before arriving at the five final names. The jury comprised Chopra, Fairgrieve, Peter Nagy, director of Nature Morte, artists Veer Munshi, Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra, art collectors Rajshree Pathy, Swapan Seth, Nitin Bhayana and Rajiv Bhatia, director, William Grant & Sons, India sub-continent.

Last year's winner of the 'Emerging Artist of the Year' award, textile artist Juhikadevi Bhanjdeo, is still feeling the after-effects of her stint in Dufftown: "It proved life-changing for me," she gushed. She used the money to start her own studio in India.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Artist Of The Month

My age is 80 years. I discovered my true calling of art very early in life. I completed my primary education from Hathras in U.P. a small town, where my father a railway station master settled after retirement in the year 1942. I had to curtail my desire to study further as  lack of a college coupled with financial constraints forced me to move to Delhi to eke out an honest living at a very young age.

I started my humble career designing sewing reel labels for a small printing press in Old Delhi. It was during this phase that I was appointed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) on a short term basis to illustrate pottery and antiquities found in their various excavation of ancient sites. My art talent and vision found a permanent place with ASI and I spent many fruitful years drawing inspirations from travelogues with them. In my quest of learning  I received a Diploma in Art from the prestigious Sir J.J School of Art, Mumbai in the year 1963.. During my stint with ASI, a veritable treasure trove of Indian art, I sought my inspirations from temple sculptures, caves such as the Khajuraho and Ajanta murals. I painted many ancient ruins to life during the day and my own art by night. Many of these found a pride of place at the National Museum, New Delhi and won me accolades and recognition galore. I retired as Chief Artist from ASI.

I have been pursuing my dreams ever since. My creativity is infused with the atmosphere of joy and life, and the belief I am capable of creating my own happiness. My body of work is polyphonic. I have explored a multitude of painting genres and have begun to explore the endless pathways that my creative mind is discovering.

Lalit Jain 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Biggest Art Award of the Year - Emerging Artist of the Year Award 2013 is very happy to announce the winner of the biggest art award of the year - ‘The Emerging Artist of the Year 2013 Award' presented by Glenfiddich. On 12th April, 2013, brought to the forefront 5 amazing talents of India. The winner of the award is the talent from South India – YUVAN BOTHYSATHUVAR.

The competition was very tough between all the five finalists – Ankush Safaya, Poorvesh Patel, Sumantra Mukherjee, Yuvan Bothysathuvar and Shivanand Shyagoti, but our respected jury took a very wise, unbiased and experienced decision making Yuvan the winner. The jury comprised of Mr Kapil Chopra, Andy Fairgrieve, Peter Nagy, Rajshree Pathy, Art Collector, Rajiv Bhatia, Jiten Thukral & Sumir Tagra, Swapan Seth, Nitin Bhayana and Veer Munshi.

We got amazing reviews about the award announcement function at The Oberoi, Gurgaon, the show and the cocktail evening and some amazing media coverage. Many artworks got sold during the event along with the trailing follow-ups.

Yuvan has now got the exclusive chance of going to Scotland for a 3 months residency, all paid for by Glenfiddich. He is also awarded Rs 10 lacs and is entitled for a solo show in Nature Morte on his return.

Take a look at some exclusive pictures and media coverage from the show

Yuvan Bothysathuvar with Andy Fairgrieve
Mr Kapil Chopra with the jury members
Yuvan Bothysathuvar receiving the cheque and award
Jury members in contemplation
Artist Veer Munshi with Manu Dosaj
Veer Munshi, Swapan Seth and Kapil Chopra
Yuvan Bothysathuvar with Kapil Chopra
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Artist Of The Month

I work basically with Acrylic on Canvas, but sometimes I use variety of mediums like oil, charcoal, dry pastels, water colour etc. I opt for a large canvas where my work concept is spread-out suitably.

The fixation with all that glitters and the blinkered pursuit of all that the neighbour has, has set the fulcrum of modern existence on blingy show-ism. This has revolutionised the very culture of consumption, leading very often, to a murky bleakness; an inevitable fallout of selfish, inflated egos and life-patterns. Existences have gone from communal to intensely solitary. My figures symbolise this acute sense of loneliness, lost in a maze of self-inflicted consumerism. 

My Figures – as they appear in paintings or in sculptures – are, all, without an exception, depicted in a manner that is eerily grotesque and yet identifiably human. Slits for eyes, bulbous noses, thick-set lips and jaws, a baldness that places the pointedness of the ears in sharp focus and a neck – or the very pronounced lack of it – attaching the large rotund face to a flabby, disproportionate body, highlight my disturbance with the overt emphasis on the usual trappings of post-modern habitation. The colours I use are all solid enough to carefully avoid any merging with the textured backgrounds I creates. This solidity enhances the boldness of my figures endowing them with the intended quality of both awe and repulsion.

‘’ is the best online portal for young upcoming artist; they provide a big and reliable platform to upcoming artist. I also got an opportunity to exhibit my works in their 1st show name as ‘Present is Now’ 2010 curated by Peter Nagy. That was my big experience as a professional young artist, which I will never forget. Thanks to and team.

Mrinal Dey

Monday, March 4, 2013

Artist Of The Month

I am Sumantra Mukherjee, A Bachelor of Visual Arts from The Government College of Art & Craft,Calcutta. I have been associated with since last few years and have gained immensely from the organization. BCA has given me a much wider platform to display my works and open up to greater viewer ship and sales. This platform brings together artists from all over the country and in doing so opens up avenues for them on a greater level. Apart from my inclusion in the website, I had been a part of their show “Present is Now” curated by Mr. Peter Nagy in 2010 at The Trident, Gurgaon and has also a part of the prestigious Audi Art Book in 2012. Best College Art has given me the opportunity to continue working undeterred. The support and encouragement is truly cherished and highly valued.

Best Wishes
Sumantra Mukherjee