Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Art Show at Aralias 2012

Bestcollegeart.com presents to you an exclusive coverage of the Art Show at the DLF Aralias Clubhouse, Gurgaon. On 3rd November 2012, Bestcollegeart.com did a very interesting exhibition of sculptures and paintings done by artists from all over India. E-catalogues had been circulated before the show which made the show quite a hit. All the residents of the Aralias visited us and really delighted & appreciated the event along with on the spot sales.

Below is the sneak preview of the show coverage. Do enjoy!

Head sculptures by artist Sachindra Nath Jha and Gangadhar Mahato
 Paintings by artists Tauseef Khan, Gopal Samantray, Rajiba Lochan Pani
Artworks by artists Gurukinkar Dhang, Rajiba Lochan Pani, Manish Verma, Mukesh Salvi
 Paintings by artists Shuvankar Maitra, Gurusidappa, Gurukinkar Dhang
 View from the gallery
 Artworks by Glenfiddich's Artists in Residency from Scotland
View from inside the gallery
Through the Aralias Clubhouse Gallery
 The Pink Dream of an Elephant Sculpture by artist Lingraj Patil exhibited
 Paintings by artists Rajiba Lochan Pani, Aditi Sadhu Chakraborty, Manish Verma, Mukesh Salvi 
 Bronze Sculptures by artist Subrata Paul

Hope you enjoyed the preview! Do let us know your views on the exhibition. All the featured works are available with us and we ensure that we offer best prices to our collectors.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Audi Art Book

On 14 April 2012, bestcollegeart.com in conjunction with Audi Gurgaon, released their magnetic artbook in the presence of some of the prolific artists like Subodh Gupta, Veer Munshi amongst others. The works of more than 25 very talented upcoming artists were featured in it. Some of the top art collectors also made their presence felt resulting in the sale of more than half of the artworks exhibited. 

The soft copy of the very exclusive Audi Art Book can be viewed at our website www.bestcollegeart.com. Please follow the link 

The event was widely covered in reputed newspapers like 'Hindustan Times' and others. Take a look at the very exclusive event and do share your opinion with us.
Outside Audi, Gurgaon
Artist Veer Mushi
Sculpture Artist Atul Bakshi
Artist Subodh Gupta at the event 
Kapil Chopra at the event
Artist Vilas Naik 
Kapil Chopra with Mikey Todd
Rashy Todd with Kapil Chopra, unveiling the artbook !
The event was extremely memorable for the art and the audi world alike !
Everyone who was a part of the event or otherwise, please leave your comments and share your artistic experience with us !

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Expressive visual language of Sumantra Mukherjee

Born in Kolkata, Sumantra Mukherjee holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts. His style of art is very unique. He usually does portraiture with distorted expressions and emotions with a streak of realism. His works are visually very impactful with a very strong ability to convey the masked emotions.

Sumantra has participated in various group exhibitions since 2002 and had his first solo show - CLOUD NINE in 2009. In the last couple of years his works have been exhibited in THE PRESENT IS NOW, curated by Peter Nagy, a Bestcollegeart.com initiative. EXTEND BEYOND curated by Manas Acharya in Studio 21 (initiative of CIMA Art Gallery) Kolkata.

Freedom, 78 x 58 in, Acrylic, oil bar, charcoal on canvas, Rs 1,00,000

This work is titled FREEDOM !

The artwork justifies the title in more than one ways. Firstly, it is just emotions let loose. A work, primary initiated in a stroke of insanity. The expression on the face is relaxed, still the emotions are so strong. Secondly, the numerics 1947 forming their shape through the curvatures of the face cuts are exemplary. 1947 is the year of freedom for all Indians!

Too see 26+1, 27 individual works arranged, 16.5 x 22 in each, Acrylic paint on paper board charcoal

The present body of works is grotesque depiction of faces.
This work titled 26+1 showcases the continually changing face of the society paralleled by desired and the undesired faces alike.

The work assembles the images of women in their vicious best. Surrounding it is the age old Hindu epitome of creation & destruction LORD SHIVA meditating, unaffected by all that is engulfing his calm presence. The pivotal placement of Lord Shiva makes us think as if he is contemplating his surroundings. Symbolically used there as the DEITY blessing women with desired male companions since time immemorial, the Lord here seems ironically undisturbed by the distractions around.

The placement is also characteristic of his unique omnipresent nature. It also highlights his being the ultimate creator and the destroyer. The title finds its meaning in the fact that Lord Shiva (1) leads the world (26) even while being a part of the group (26 + 1).

A critical analysis might render it as being too blatant and almost vulgar in its depiction of Lord Shiva surrounded by the opposite gender.

Shiv Kali, 78 x 108 in, Acrylic, oil bar on canvas

Cloud 9, 58 x 78 in, Acrylic on canvas

So basically, Sumantra's visual language deals with bright imaginaries with an expressionist attitude.

Bestcollegeart.com, being an incubation hotbed of young contemporary talent has successfully sold many phenomenal works of this exceptional artist.

The article is written by Shruti Singh, the manager of Bestcollegeart.com. The thoughts and opinions expressed, entirely belongs to the writer.