Monday, October 7, 2013

Artist of The Month

  I graduated in painting from Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts (CAVA), University of Mysore, Karnataka in 2007 and (MFA) will be completing Masters in painting this year. Initially from my school days I had interest in painting. In those days I was just expressing myself through painting. That time I had no idea about life of painting and the effect of it, but after my schooling,  I came to know about BFA degree, and I joined the course to get some degree. These 5 years of journey was the turning point of my life where I started thinking about developing my skills and started utilizing the time and work. I met different kind of people with different goals in life, which helped me to distinguish myself and due to nice environment I could able to establish myself. I went on practicing different things in paintings. My friends circles is like a rainbow with full of different colors, each have its own meaning, effect and its own destiny in life, due to all this I could able to take up and reach this first step of my life. 

Currently l have my own art practices in Bangalore, Karnataka, India and have been exhibiting my work of art at various cities in India.
I greatly get inspired by the common man’s eco system and you get to see them in my art work. In other words, experiences of People around me inspire me. My creations comprises of Nature, Common Man - his needs, complex and symbiotic equations. I visualize them with a different perspective and bringing them on my canvas gives me great joy. Through my paintings I try to connect and relive some experiences that we all have lived in different phases of life. A glimpse of my inspirations can be seen in my work from highlighting the spirit of survival of a vegetable vendor dreaming to give a better life to his family, to a picturesque depiction of day to life in an apartment where in there is so much variety in something which looks so similar, to capturing  the feeling of eternal search that lingers on whenever we visit a roadside book shop and finally a more serious effort to depict a current socio economic issue of corruption, and its impact on common man.
I have learnt if we have patience and dedication we can achieve anything in life. This is all my because of my friends, parents and my surroundings.
Best college art gives me immense pleasure to be associated with BCA which offers a gigantic platform for artists from various horizons. I feel greatly encouraged to seize every opportunity at BCA in exhibiting my works and getting to know other artists from various genres. I look forward to a long lasting association with BCA. 
 I really thank my friends, colleagues and especially my parents without their support nothing was possible.

Best wishes
Shivanand Shyagoti
October 2013


  1. Hi I know Shivu from past 5-6 years he is having a great commitment towards his work and high passion towards his painting ... Keep growing... Continue your good work

  2. Very nice works Shivanand. All the very best.. !!

  3. No need to tell anything about you le. Your artworks will tell everything.