Thursday, May 2, 2013

Artist Of The Month

I work basically with Acrylic on Canvas, but sometimes I use variety of mediums like oil, charcoal, dry pastels, water colour etc. I opt for a large canvas where my work concept is spread-out suitably.

The fixation with all that glitters and the blinkered pursuit of all that the neighbour has, has set the fulcrum of modern existence on blingy show-ism. This has revolutionised the very culture of consumption, leading very often, to a murky bleakness; an inevitable fallout of selfish, inflated egos and life-patterns. Existences have gone from communal to intensely solitary. My figures symbolise this acute sense of loneliness, lost in a maze of self-inflicted consumerism. 

My Figures – as they appear in paintings or in sculptures – are, all, without an exception, depicted in a manner that is eerily grotesque and yet identifiably human. Slits for eyes, bulbous noses, thick-set lips and jaws, a baldness that places the pointedness of the ears in sharp focus and a neck – or the very pronounced lack of it – attaching the large rotund face to a flabby, disproportionate body, highlight my disturbance with the overt emphasis on the usual trappings of post-modern habitation. The colours I use are all solid enough to carefully avoid any merging with the textured backgrounds I creates. This solidity enhances the boldness of my figures endowing them with the intended quality of both awe and repulsion.

‘’ is the best online portal for young upcoming artist; they provide a big and reliable platform to upcoming artist. I also got an opportunity to exhibit my works in their 1st show name as ‘Present is Now’ 2010 curated by Peter Nagy. That was my big experience as a professional young artist, which I will never forget. Thanks to and team.

Mrinal Dey

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