Friday, November 1, 2013

Artist Of The Month

Since my child hood I was trying to express my dream with colours on paper. I had not faced any bindings from my parents. They have always inspired me to grow up with my dreams, so at first I want to thank my parents because without their support I could not walk smoothly to my journey of an artist.                                                                                    I completed my graduation from Government College of Art & Craft (Kolkata) on 2003. After completion of my Bachelor Degree on visual arts I decided to work as full time artist though it was not so easier for me. Sometimes I need to work as commission based for carrying out of my daily expenses. At that time I faced so many travails but they did not destroy my ambition.                                                                                                                
Since 1998 to 2013 I participated in several group shows in India like Kolkata, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai (Harmony art foundation), Chennai (Art world), Bangalore, Nagpur, and also in abroad like Bangladesh (Dhaka), Dubai.   I also conduct solo show at TAJ BENGAL HOTEL Kolkata. I participated in some painting workshops.                                                                                                                                                      
Private collections are made, like in HOTEL ITC SONARBANGLA Kolkata, HOTEL OBEROI GURGAON, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangladesh, Dubai, U.S.A etc. Now I working as a full time painter in my own studio.  
Every human has feelings and a sensitive human always feel every moments of nature, some cause of globalization our global atmosphere have now so many changed which is so worried for our life of earth. Every human being should think about it. I always love nature, believes that colour is a universal language of expression and nature have endless colour.                                                                                                                                                                                      
Though I don’t use colour to illustrate theme. Colour itself is my theme. Colour has existence of its own, it generates emotion and atmosphere whether happiness, melancholy warmth, buoyancy of serenity. Emotion of joy, sorrow, anger have a language in colour and nature encompasses all, that is colour. Nature herself is a composition of countless colours and it is the tones and nuances of these that I try to capture in my paintings after all I inspired by nature.            

Best wishes
Shuvankar Maitra
November 2013

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