Thursday, December 5, 2013

Artist Of The Month

My current body of works in oil are based on naturescapes which draw their inspirations from my essential roots to the Indian culture and nature. My connection with nature is very deep and goes a long a way back to my childhood. In my paintings I mingle literary inspiration with those vital experiences of my life. The distinct play of colors and textures of different seasons, blooming of different flowers and sprouting leaves, interplay of light and shade in the sky in different time of the year - all have a role to play in my vision. Also I draw lot of inspiration from the noble prize winning Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore’s songs and poetry on nature.

The whole process of creation can be summed up in four stages:

1. Preparation (which is here synonymous to experience and observation)

2. Marination of thought and idea

3. The AHA moment – the defining moment when I suddenly get a real vision or clarity which I can use to change the blank canvas

4. The creative process – the “job” of painting itself.

I never draw or plan before a painting has started, it starts spontaneously once the vision has dawned, and I keep working on it, applying and re-applying colors, writing and pasting, stripping and scratching and whipping the surface until I get the desired effect.

And once the job is finished, I like to leave it to people’s imagination and feelings: to the “right brain”, rather than to their “left hemispheric stuff” like knowledge and understanding.

Best wishes
Aditi Chakraborty
December 2013

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