Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Artist of the Month

Mukesh Salvi work statement Spending his early days in the streets of the beautiful city of Udaipur (Rajasthan), Mukesh Salvi has grown up wandering aimlessly on the bicycle and wondering deep about life and its little ways. He has spent hours in the playgrounds, playing games and often got lost in his own world of fantasy. However, the best time that he has spent was at home, with his family; quarrels with his siblings. He clearly remembers his days at school— classmates.

Mukesh salvi paintings are nostalgic, depicting the rural people he grew up among est. His source of inspiration has been the live of the people from his village. He has created dramatic canvases –Blue, black and white on a red background. His work, done in a fine figurative genre, stands out for its firm line work coupled with a sense of style, on a bold arresting background. His works is a telling statement of our times, typifying the modern concern for our surroundings. The artist's medium of expression is acrylic on canvas. His figurative work has a dream like quality about it. Bold colors coupled with pastel shades give it a textural feel. He strives to establish the harmony between people and their environment of Nature.

 Drawing inspiration from the feeling of nostalgia, Mukesh Salvi has created his new series of canvases— 'My Feelings'. The series depict elementary feelings of human beings, which is a mixed bag of both happy and sad. Mukesh Salvi's choice of palette is something worth looking our for. In most of his works, bold strokes of vivid colors are evident. Patterns in a hazy background with humans resembling puppets, make an appearance in Mukesh Salvi's works. His artworks bring forth deep feelings, which are depicted using surreal figures in various postures. From the very beginning, lines have been the foundation of his paintings. Working with lines and other shapes, Mukesh Salvi has painted different moments. While painting, the artist makes sure that all the elements compliment each other and their amalgamation bring a pleasant essence to his works.

Best wishes 
Mukesh Salvi
June 2014

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