Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Art Show at Aralias 2012

Bestcollegeart.com presents to you an exclusive coverage of the Art Show at the DLF Aralias Clubhouse, Gurgaon. On 3rd November 2012, Bestcollegeart.com did a very interesting exhibition of sculptures and paintings done by artists from all over India. E-catalogues had been circulated before the show which made the show quite a hit. All the residents of the Aralias visited us and really delighted & appreciated the event along with on the spot sales.

Below is the sneak preview of the show coverage. Do enjoy!

Head sculptures by artist Sachindra Nath Jha and Gangadhar Mahato
 Paintings by artists Tauseef Khan, Gopal Samantray, Rajiba Lochan Pani
Artworks by artists Gurukinkar Dhang, Rajiba Lochan Pani, Manish Verma, Mukesh Salvi
 Paintings by artists Shuvankar Maitra, Gurusidappa, Gurukinkar Dhang
 View from the gallery
 Artworks by Glenfiddich's Artists in Residency from Scotland
View from inside the gallery
Through the Aralias Clubhouse Gallery
 The Pink Dream of an Elephant Sculpture by artist Lingraj Patil exhibited
 Paintings by artists Rajiba Lochan Pani, Aditi Sadhu Chakraborty, Manish Verma, Mukesh Salvi 
 Bronze Sculptures by artist Subrata Paul

Hope you enjoyed the preview! Do let us know your views on the exhibition. All the featured works are available with us and we ensure that we offer best prices to our collectors.

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